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Due to Covid-19, After School Club have had to follow new guidelines, ensuring the safety of children and staff. We understand that these changes may be an inconvenience, but we are hoping that these changes will only be temporary.


Our after-school care is now only available to children in Years 1-6. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer after school care to our Reception children until further notice. After School Club operates every day that the school is open for children (i.e. term time only).  It will not operate:


•    On school INSET days
•    On days when the school closes early for parent consultations (two days per year)

•    On Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September 2020


The club does run on the celebration evening in July.



Our after-school care integrates with our normal school clubs.  Children may attend a teacher run or external after school club, and then join our after-school care for the remaining time. 



Booking a place

Due to Covid-19 measures that need to be put in place in the Autumn term, spaces are now limited to 20 children per group.


Group 1: Year 1 and 2

Group 2: Year 3 and 4

Group 3: Year 5 and 6


For after-school care all children must be booked in advance. This can be either for one specific day, or for multiple days in advance. However, bookings will only be open for the current term.

The latest children can be booked in for a session is by 11am the day before the booking is needed. For example, if you needed childcare for Wednesday, the booking would need to be made by Tuesday at 11am.


Bookings should be made by calling the school office only. Bookings will no longer be taken by e-mail, through the website or on the gate.


We will start taking bookings for the Autumn term on Wednesday 2nd of September.


Cost and payment

The cost is £15 per session per child, which will be payable when making the booking. Please make payment via Parentpay, ensuring funds are in your account in advance.


If you are in receipt of childcare vouchers, please email our After School Club email address ( to inform us of your child’s name and the voucher company that you will be using.



Cancellations will not be refunded unless we are able to fill the space with another booking.


Note that if your child is absent from school, we will not expect them in after-school care and you will not be charged. When phoning the absence line, please make the office aware that your child is booked in to ASC but will need to be cancelled.


Snacks and dinner

Every After School Club booking includes a healthy snack and dinner per child.

Dinner is served at 5pm Monday – Thursday and 4.00pm on Friday.

Unfortunately, for the time being we are unable to provide a take away dinner option as before.


Please look through our new dinner menu available on the website with your child before booking; both a vegetarian and meat option will be available each day.


Collecting children

Children can be collected at any time, but all children must be collected by:


 Monday – Thursday: 6pm latest

 Friday: 5pm latest


Please collect from the After School Club room. Which is located at the third door on the right, past the main reception. Please knock on the door and wait for a member of staff to answer. No parents are permitted inside the building. If the room is vacant, it means that the children are playing outside. In this case please return to the main school reception, a member of the office will inform the after school club staff that you are here to collect.


Parents are not able to park onsite for collection. If you are driving, please park in a suitable space and walk to the main entrance.


Late Collection:

A penalty charge of £10 per family, for each block of 15 minutes will be charged after the above stated closing time.


Although being late is of great inconvenience to the staff, who may well have their own commitments that they have to attend, parents can be reassured that their child will be cared for until collected.  For example, should there be a major incident in London, affecting transport and communications, parents will not need to worry about the safety of their children.


If you are going to be late, or need to speak to a member of the After School Club team about collection arrangements, please telephone the school number as soon as you can on 020 8642 5138.  The school office is attended until 6.00pm, and then there is an option to be put through to the After School Club after 6pm.  Your call will be answered.


The aims of our after-school care are:


•    To provide a safe, happy and fun environment for all children
•    To provide positive examples of healthy eating to create a foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits
•    To enable children to socialise, listen and talk in a relaxed atmosphere
•    To provide an opportunity for children to complete homework in a calm environment

•    To give opportunities to play both indoor and outside when possible     

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