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At Avenue, we always promote the importance of children learning to read well and developing a love of reading. By reading a range of books and genres regularly at home, you can help your child to develop confidence and enjoyment in reading. Reading is a key life skill and develops vocabulary which in turn will improve your child's writing and communication skills.


We are very pleased to launch our new subscription to ‘Oxford Owl for Home’. ‘Oxford Owl for Home’ provides access to a collection of tablet-friendly eBooks and helpful tips and activities for parents to support children’s learning at home.


To access the eBooks, visit the Oxford Owl website


All of the reading scheme books we use at school will be available through the Oxford Owl eBook Library, which should make it easier to select an appropriate book. This website will provide extra opportunities for reading at home and support your child to improve their reading skills.

Roald Dahl Day 2019


A photo of Avenue pupils enjoying a visit from storyteller Andy Copps on Roald Dahl Day.

Reading is such an important and fundamental skill that we place great emphasis on developing reading at Avenue. We want every child to have the skills to be able to read, and to want to read, for pleasure and for information.



We begin by exposing children to a print rich environment; sharing and enjoying a range of rhymes, songs, stories and books; creating reading groups which are central to the week; teaching phonics based on letters and sounds; ensuring reading books are sent home on a weekly basis as soon as the children are ready for this and by including big book activities with a shared reading and writing focus each week.



In Year 1 and 2 the children continue to enjoy reading as they are taught to read through daily phonics lessons, based on Letters and Sounds, and guided reading sessions, as well as within topic lessons. The children begin to develop their understanding of what is being read to them and what they are reading through verbal comprehension, moving to written responses to a variety of genres. We ensure all children are heard read by the class teacher and the teaching assistant on a weekly basis and more often where needed.

Children take reading books from the reading scheme home and from their class book corner each week. Children are encouraged to read at home and comments are written in the home-school liaison book.  Every day, each class has a specific time to read for enjoyment. During this time, a broad range of quality texts, from a variety of authors, are used to help children develop reading skills and deepen the children’s understanding of our literary heritage.



By the time children enter the juniors (Y3), the majority of children are competent at reading, and we develop their skills by supporting them in reading more challenging books, developing their comprehension skills, and building their vocabulary. 

Children in KS2 are taught reading through comprehension lessons and guided reading sessions based around a reading content domain and discrete skills. Each group reads with the teacher once a week.


Additionally, children are also read with individually if further support is needed.

Children in KS2 continue to take books from the school reading scheme, along with book corner books, until they become ‘free readers’. They are then guided towards choosing age appropriate texts from school to take home or they bring in alternative reading material from home. Children are encouraged to read at home and comments are written in the home-school liaison book daily, these are then checked by class teachers at least weekly.

A variety of quality texts are used to help children develop an appreciation of reading. Each class has time to read for enjoyment every day. The children are exposed to a range of authors and text types to support their reading development and to deepen their knowledge of our literary heritage.


Bookworms Club

At Avenue, we hold a lunchtime club once a week in which children can come in, relax and enjoy reading from a range of authors and genres. These books can also be checked out to be taken home and enjoyed with family and friends.


Book fairs

We hold termly book fairs through Scholastic UK which always does incredibly well and earns the school money to spend on books. Over the last academic year we have raised £1344 which has been used to add to book corners, class novels and purchase guided reading texts.  


Reading Trails

Each year group has a reading trail for the children to work their way through to support further reading for pleasure, additionally this supports parents with selecting age appropriate, highly recommended texts. See below for links to our reading trails.

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