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Next Weeks Learning - ( Week beginning 20th September)




 L.O. I can use place value to round numbers to 10 000, 100 000.

L.O. I can use place value to round numbers to 10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000  

L.O. I can reading Roman Numerals to 100 and 1000 and investigate how these numbers are formed compared to Hindu-Arabic numeral system.  

L.O. I can estimate where numbers are on an empty number line using intervals including the crossing of 0 into negative numbers. 

L.O. I can solve problems involving temperature changes by calculating the difference between positive integers using a vertical number line.


The Dark Ages

LO: I can identify features of a character description and understand how to write to entertain.  

LO: I can plan a description of a character.  

LO: I can write a character description. 

LO: I can edit and improve my writing. 

LO: I can describe the religious beliefs of the Dark Ages.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Year Five Team






School Fund

This year, we plan to offer a number of exciting enrichment activities to all children, and we need your help to be able to do so.


We are asking that all parents please try to contribute. This is a one-off payment of £25.

If you are unable to afford this, please do try to make a smaller contribution. This includes pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.


If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer!

Your contribution is entirely voluntary, but you will understand the difference that it makes.


Please login to your Parent Portal, sign your child up to the Voluntary contribution TRIP and make your contribution payment on Arbor.


Please note that day trips and residentials will be paid for separately, not from the school fund,  and you will be notified of these as and when they occur.


Thank you for your continued support.

Reminder for Parents

Please ensure that your children are coming to school with a suitable coat every day as they will be going outside for learning and playtime in most weather. Children will not be allowed to take umbrellas outside with them during the school day. Should your child come to school in wellies, please make that they have suitable school shoes to change in to when they arrive. 

Many thanks for your help in this matter,


Mrs Maddock

Year 5 Leader

Dark Ages Learning Journey for the w.b.13th September


Below are the activities planned for this week.



I can use mental addition strategies

I can use mental subtraction strategies

I can estimate numbers on a number line up to 1000

I can estimate numbers on a number line up to 10,000

I can round numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000


Dark Ages

I can use a range of sources to understand what life was like for the Anglo Saxons

I can use a range of sources to understand what life was like for the Vikings

I can write a comparison between two civilisations  in British history

I can describe the movement and settlement of people during the Dark Ages

I can identify how place names have evolved during the Dark Ages.


We hope the children have a fabulous week of learning.


Mrs Maddock

    Year Five French Autumn 1                                                 

 This half – term in French, children will revise days and months as well as numbers 0-70 and they will extend their learning with numbers to 100. They will also learn simple directions so that they can participate in a role – play asking and answering questions on where we can find shops and different places in a town.

 Dear Parents, 

The children have all had a fabulous week. Below are the children who have received either a Class Teacher Award or Year Group Leader Award.


 Class Teacher Awards

5F -Natasha, Georgi

5S- Maya, Rayhan

5H- James, Akaansha, Pennie


5A- Jeremy, Indie


Year Group Leader Award

 Well done to Ethan in 5H for receiving a Year group Leader Award. Miss Holloway was really impressed with his work ethic this week.

Year Five Welcome Letter Autumn One

Dear Parents /Carers,

This term, we will be doing classroom visits and Parent Forum meetings virtually. You will be able to access these on Teams. Virtual classrooms will be available to watch on the 17th September and the Parent Forum presentation on the 24th September. 

Language of the Month - Hungarian

Above is some information linked to our Language of the Month which, for September is Hungarian. 

Drop off and Pick Up Safety


We like to have a good relationship with our local residents so please remember, if possible, walk to school. 


If you are driving in the local area, please do so considerately and under no circumstances block residents' driveway for any length of time. You must not stop or let children out of the car on the zigzag lines outside the school gate. 


Also, a reminder that the use of e-scooters is both dangerous and illegal. 


Lockdown Procedures.


As you will know all schools need to be prepared for a situation where they need to lockdown the school – keeping children and staff inside for their own safety.  


To ensure we are prepared for this we have worked hard to put in place very clear procedures for a lockdown situation using the advice from the Metropolitan Police and other emergency agencies. We have a lockdown policy and procedures for our school, but these are not available on our website or shared beyond staff in the school for obvious security reasons. 


We conduct termly lockdown drills with the children and staff to make sure the procedures work. We will ensure that the children understand that, like in the event of a fire alarm – which means the building is not safe – where everybody stays calm and leaves sensibly, a lockdown simply means that something outside is not safe – therefore we stay inside the building and sit quietly and calmly. In an age-appropriate way we will make sure that they are aware of how to respond in the event of an emergency situation.  

Indoor Shoes


Currently, indoor shoes are optional. If the weather is bad and you wish your child to come to school in boots or wellies, please ensure that they have their school shoes to change into.


Children will still need to have plimsolls and trainers in their PE kits.


Thank you


We are all really looking forward to seeing the children on Thursday 2nd September. Your children’s teachers have planned wonderful activities to welcome the children into their new classes and will be spending time getting to know your child and helping them feel confident as they begin the new year.

Morning drop-off: Please drop off your child at the Avenue Road gate. The gates will be open 8:10am – 8:30am. The children will then make their way to the Jubilee playground where they will proceed to their new classrooms.

If you also have a child in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, please drop and collect your children off via the Dorset Road gate and follow the guidance on your younger child’s pick-up times and locations. Please note, only children with siblings in Nursery to Year 2 should use the Dorset Road gate.


Please remember that children must be in the correct school uniform which is labelled (see our school website for full details of the uniform policy). Although resources will be provided in school, if your child wishes to bring their own pencil cases then they can but please ensure that this, and its contents, is fully labelled.

Could you also ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school from the start of term and that each item is name labelled.  The children will require their P.E. kit during the first week of school and this should include trainers for outdoor use. Smart watches are not permitted in school, due to safeguarding reasons.

The children will also require a labelled swimming kit as they will start swimming the week beginning 6th September.  

Year 5 children may bring a mobile phone to school, which must be switched off when they arrive and then handed straight to their class teacher. These are not to be used on the school premises.

If you wish your child to walk home alone, please email the school office.

We look forward to working with you and your child.



Miss L Guy

Head of Year 5 and 6
Assistant Head Teacher



Please use the link below to access the Year 5 overview. This will give you a basic summary of the content children cover in every subject across the whole year.

Year 5 Overview

Welcome to 5S

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Welcome to 5A

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Welcome to 5F

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Welcome to 5H

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Welcome to 5X

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Education Welfare Practitioner Video

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A video from our Education Welfare Practitioner if you would like support with managing your child's anxieties or behaviours at home.

Maths Learning Journey Week 2

Dark Ages Learning Journey Week 2

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