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Rights Respecting Awards - Spring 2 - Week 6

Dragonfly Class:




Tiger Moth Class: 



Mason WP




Butterfly Class: 




Glow Worm Class: 





Head of Phase Award

Jay - Tiger Moth Class



Nature Detectives Dress Up

Dear Parents/Carers, 


Next term, as part of our new Topic ‘Nature Detectives,’ we will be having a hook day on Tuesday 20th April all about nature and mini-beasts. For this day, we would like to invite your child to dress up as a mini-beast, for example bee, ladybird, spider, ant, etc. Alternatively, they may come dressed as a nature explorer, with a magnifying glass or bug catcher. If your child does not wish to join in with the dress up then they can wear the colours of their chosen mini-beast. We would also like your child to come to school with a fun fact about their mini-beast to share with the class. 


We look forward to seeing their costumes! 

Year 2 Team 




Rights Respecting Awards - Spring 2 - Week 5


Glow Worm Class:





Dragonfly Class: 

Gabi V 




Tiger Moth Class:




Butterfly Class: 






Autism Awareness Week is the 29th March - 4th April.

We will be learning about Autism in our lessons and assemblies this week.  More information can be found here and on our 'How can we help? Parent page.

Cognus are holding a day of talks about Autism on the 29th March, more information can be found on the flyer below. 

Join us in raising awareness and finding out more about Autism




The Great Big Avenue Art Exhibition 

Thursday 25th March - Thursday 22nd April 2021


As we cannot visit art galleries at the moment, we want to make our local area into an art gallery. We would like everyone to create art that can be used to decorate a window or door in your house. 


Antony Gormley started this initiative earlier in the year and he wanted every street to be an art gallery. We would like you all to have a go at our art project over the next four weeks.


Here are the themes that you can create pictures of:


EYFS, Wiggly Worms and KS1

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Where you live
  • Local park


There are lots of themes to choose from and you do not have to create pictures for all of them. You might pick one theme and create multiple images or a number of the themes and create pictures for all of them. 


You can submit photos of your decorated windows and doors to MSTeams by clicking on the assignment “The Great Big Avenue Art Exhibition’. 


We hope to put as many of the pictures of windows and doors on the website as our own virtual gallery.  Please note, we will only be posting pictures of the decorated windows and doors. Please submit a picture without your child in, if you would like to have it in our virtual gallery.


Happy Creating!

Mrs Streeter





Rights Respecting Awards - Spring 2 - Week 4


Glow Worm Class:

Savar - for pride in achievement when writing his poem.

Hanin- for being a fantastic role model by always being respectful towards others.


Butterfly Class: 

Joshua  - for pride in achievements by having enthusiasm for all off his learning and putting in lots of effort. 

Billy  - for self confidence by joining in well with class discussions and sharing his excellent ideas. 


Dragonfly Class:

Konstantinos - for demonstrating perseverance in writing so well this week. You wrote a lovely poem, well done!

Tommy - for demonstrating resilience and perseverance when planning and writing your poem. You tried so hard and your poem was lovely. Well done!


Tiger Moth Class: 

Daniel - for pride in achievements by being excellent at explaining his mathematical reasoning to the rest of the class. 

Ellie - for demonstrating perseverance in writing this week. Well done for writing a lovely poem! 


Year Group Leader Awards:

Luca - Tiger Moth Class - for being a fantastic role model. He is always excellently behaved. 



Red Nose Day 2021

Red Nose Day is taking place this year on Friday 19th March 2021! Pupils may take part by wearing either red socks or a red hair accessory but please do not send in red noses, due to Covid 19 restrictions.

We are unable to collect donations this year but if you would like to make a contribution, please visit:




Rights Respecting Awards - Spring 2 - Week 3


Tiger Moth Class

Alexis and Mason B for working really hard on their light houses this week!


Dragonfly Class 

Daisy - for demonstrating perseverance this week so well. I can see how hard you have worked on your reading over lockdown and was so impressed when I heard you read!

Levent - for demonstrating resilience. You have had an excellent first week back to school and I am impressed with your resilience skills, keep it up!

Ruby - for demonstrating mutual respect and teamwork to everyone in our class. You have been so helpful to all the children coming back to school and to all the adults, well done Ruby! 


Glow Worm Class

Enzo- For demonstrating resilience in his approach to returning to school.

Tom- For demonstrating perseverance in his writing even though he finds it tricky.

Tegan-For demonstrating pride in achievement in all aspects of her learning.


Butterfly Class

Zayna and Joshua for working really hard on their light houses this week!


Year Group Leader Award

Tristan - Butterfly Class - for being extremely helpful this week and for showing great teamwork. 






Language of the Month - Russian




Welcome Back Messages - Glow Worm Class - Tiger Moth Class - Butterfly Class - Dragonfly Class






Dear Parents/Carers,



At school next week  (WB 8.3.21), Year 2 will be having a DT day to make lighthouses as part of our Brilliant Britain topic.  


We would appreciate it if each child could bring in the following items by Tuesday next week:

  • A cereal box (not one having contained nuts)
  • A kitchen roll tube (no toilet rolls)
  • Cardboard Egg boxes


Many thanks,


Year 2 team





World Book Day - Thursday 4th March


Dear Parents/ Carers,


World Book Day Token - as you may know, World Book Day is right around the corner (Thursday 4th March) and we will be celebrating with some activities linked to appreciating books! We usually give out a token which means you can pick up a £1 book in participating shops for free. This year the token is in digital format. All parents have been sent an email that contains an attachment with the World Book Day token. Please download the token and check with your local supermarkets/booksellers to see how to claim your free book. You can check your local booksellers by using this link: There is a great selection up for grabs and remember it is absolutely FREE! Enjoy!

World Book Day Activities - we will be celebrating World Book Day with lots of activities throughout the day. If your child is in school and wishes to dress up/wear an accessory on the day, they can do so but it is completely optional. If your child is at home, they can also dress up/wear an accessory and send photos to their teachers This is completely optional.



The Year 2 Team 




Spring 2 Welcome Letter




Feedback from Remote Learning Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

Thank you all so much for the feedback you gave in the recent remote learning parent survey. We appreciate the many kind and positive comments regarding the provision and support provided.

We are constantly reviewing our remote leaning provision and we have considered your feedback in this process.

The main feedback across the school was that children wanted an opportunity to speak to their teachers and peers live on MS Teams. We are pleased to say that this has been successfully implemented in KS2 and will start in KS1 after half term.

We have also taken on board the following suggestions:

  • More enrichment and screen - free activities
  • More physical/PE activities each week
  • Next day deadlines for longer assignments to give pupils more time to complete them
  • Considering the amount of work pupils have to complete on days when pupils have a longer writing assignment, such as more online quizzes

We hope you all have a fantastic half-term next week. Hopefully, we will receive further information about schools re-opening when the government announces details of the roadmap out of lockdown on 22nd February. The earliest schools can re-open is the 8th March.


Mrs Brooke

Head of Phase

Free resources for Children’s

Mental Health Week 2021

From 1-7 February 2021, we’re taking part in Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week. This year’s theme is ExpressYourself. Place2Be has created activities and resources to help children (and adults) to explore the different ways that they can share their thoughts, feelings and ideas. There are lots of resources on the Children’s Mental Health Week website that you can use with your child at home; including activity ideas, tips for parents and carers, and an online assembly which will be available from Monday 1st. February.

Visit to find out more or look on our parent page 'How can we help?' under the Parent's information tab.

Welcome Back Messages

Please click on the links below for the Year 2 teacher messages:

Butterfly Class -

Dragonfly Class -

Tiger Moth Class -

Glow Worm Class -






Dear Parents/Carers,

Below is a link to "English with Holly”. There are lots of fun English lessons for children in KS1 and KS2.





KS1 Statutory SATs Tests


The KS1 tests (SATs) have been suspended for 2021. 


Teacher assessment will be used to make a judgement on how pupils' have worked against the KS1 curriculum, using a range of evidence (pupils work, observations etc). Parents/carers of all Year 2 pupils will be informed of these Teacher Assessments at the end of the summer term, along with their annual report.




Welcome to Spring 1


Happy New Year to you all!


We hope you had a lovely break. It’s such a shame that we are not able to return to school yet, but we will still be looking out for all of your amazing learning at home. We have started our online learning using Microsoft Teams. If you are having trouble logging in, please check that you are adding onto the end of your username. 


You will be able to ask questions on Teams between 9-10am and 1-2pm. Questions must be related to the work set. Each day there will be 3-4 videos for you to watch. When completing the assignment, if you would like to upload a photo of your work, you can do this by clicking on the assignment and selecting ‘upload from your device’.


Brilliant Britain  

This term, our topic is called ‘Brilliant Britain’. Throughout the Spring term we will locate the four countries of the United Kingdom and learn about their capital cities, landmarks and significant people. We will also learn about compass directions and where countries are in relation to each other. Our chosen text will be ‘Katie in London’ and we will learn about different landmarks in the capital. From this, we will write our own stories based on the book. As part of our history focus, we will learn all about ‘The Great Fire of London’ and explore Samuel Pepys' diary. From this, we will explore the features of a diary, then plan and write our own as Samuel Pepys. During the science aspect of our topic, we will explore different materials and their properties. We will test their suitability and decide which ones would be best for a bridge based on their properties. After that, we will learn about different planes and how they have changed over time. We will then learn about Amy Johnson’s flight to Australia as part of our local history. As this half term will mainly focus on England and its capital, we will explore the other countries that make up the United Kingdom after half term.  



In Spring 1, we will continue learning about multiplication. We will start by moving onto solving multiplication problems using arrays. Next, we will learn about doubling single digit numbers, then two-digit numbers using counters and Numicon. We will then do the same with halving. Next, we will move onto division through grouping, using different representations including groups and arrays. Within this, we will learn about unequal groups and how some problems will end up with remainders. As well as this, we will look at the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Next, we will move onto fractions with the understanding that fractions are splitting numbers and shapes into equal parts. We will focus on finding 1/2, 1/4,  3/4 , 1/3 of shapes and quantities and learn about simple equivalent fractions. Finally, we will end the half term by learning about movements, turns and how to create patterns with 2D shapes. There will be many opportunities for reasoning, problem solving and mastery challenges in mathematics this half term. 


Health and Wellbeing

This half-term we will be focusing on caring friendships and being safe. We will acknowledge that most friendships have ups and downs, but that it is important to try and resolve any issues in a calm manner. We will discuss trusting relationships and how to judge when a friendship makes use feel unhappy or uncomfortable. We will think about how to manage different situations and how to seek help or advice from others, if needed. 


Useful Websites 


  • Whilst completing online learning, please ensure that your child is reading daily. We have a subscription to Oxford Owl, which will give your child access to the reading scheme books at home. Click on the link below and select Oxford Owl for schools. Then click ‘login’ using the username and password provided in the Autumn term. 


  • You may also like to refer to the Oak National Academy, which was supported by the government during the previous lockdown, for support or work in addition to the tasks set on Microsoft Teams. 



  • We also have a subscription to Busy Things, an interactive phonics resource that our children are familiar with. Please click the link below and enter the login details. 




Year 2 Team


Health and Wellbeing Overview - Spring 1






PE with Joe Wicks is back! Starting on Monday 11th January on his YouTube channel. He will be doing three live lessons a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. They will be 20 mins long and designed for children. Don’t worry if you can’t join him live, all his lessons will be on his channel including those from the last lockdown. Enjoy!


Thank you!

Dear Parents/Carers and Year 2 children, 

Thank you so much for all of our teacher and teaching assistant gifts. It has been a fantastic term filled with learning and exciting activities. Thank you for your continued support this term and we hope you all have a lovely Christmas break!


Please visit our Microsoft Teams pages to view the Avenue Carol Concert. Log in details were provided on the parent consultation forms that were emailed out in October. 


Year 2 Team





Rights Respecting Awards - Autumn 2 - Week 7


Tiger Moth Class

Stefania for being an extremely helpful member of the class. 

Peter for always demonstrating excellent behaviour. 


Glow Worm Class

Olivia for building positive relationships by always caring for her friends.

Atharv for self confidence when sharing his ideas with the class.


Dragonfly Class

Ruby and Peniel - for showing mutual respect the whole term to everyone.


Butterfly Class

Hollie for pride in achievements and self confidence for always trying her hardest and putting lots of effort into everything she does. 

Leah for resilience during maths this week by trying her hardest and by keeping going when she found the learning tricky. 


Year Group Leader Awards

Luca and Adam (Tiger Moth Class) for their exemplary behaviour at all times. Well done!




Christmas Assembly





Coats and Wellies

As winter approaches, please ensure that your child comes to school with a waterproof coat. You may also provide wellies in a bag, which your child will be able to change into at playtime.




Winter Jumper Day

This year, Winter Jumper day will be on Thursday 17th December and the children can wear a Winter/Christmas jumper on this day.

Donations can be made to the PTA via






Rights Respecting Awards - Autumn 2 - Week 6


Tiger Moth Class

Denise for persevering with her writing this week. 

Nicholas for persevering with his writing this week. 


Dragonfly Class

KJ for his perseverance in writing this week.

Konstantinos for perseverance in writing this week. 


Glow Worm Class

Enzo for demonstrating resilience in maths and topic as he really focused on his learning and was able to complete his work with little support.

Ben for perseverance with his writing. He produced a fantastic plan and worked well independently to complete it even though he finds writing tricky.


Butterfly Class

Zara for building relationships and teamwork by being a kind and supportive learning partner to others in the class.

Fatima for perseverance during maths by keeping going when she found the learning challenging. 


Year Group Leader Awards

Ethan (Butterfly class) - for pride in achievements and self-confidence during his maths assessment.

Alpha (Glow Worm Class) - for pride in achievement as he always tries his hardest in all subjects and is always proud of his achievements. 

Mahir (Glow Worm Class) - for finishing his reading book at home every single day.

Grace (Tiger Moth Class) - for her exemplary behaviour at all times. 

Jay (Tiger Moth Class) - for his exemplary behaviour at all times. 






Oxford Owl Reading 

Please see the letter below. Your child will receive log in details by the end of this week on a slip that will go home. 





Language of the Month Letter






Rights Respecting Awards - Autumn 2 - Week 5

Tiger Moth Class

Lily - for working independently and persevering with her writing this week.

Krish - for being a kind and helpful member of class as he helped another child who was hurt during our P.E lesson this week. 


Butterfly Class

Joshua - for resilience when planning his character description in topic.

Samia - for building relationships and teamwork by being a supporting learning partner and friend to other children in the class.


Dragonfly Class

Haris - for his excellent writing and showing pride in his achievements.

Mawara - for her continued perseverance in all lessons at all times.


Glow Worm Class

Kaia- for always respecting others right to be heard by always listening well in class.

Anoushka- for demonstrating self confidence by sharing her ideas with the class even though she sometimes finds it daunting.








Unfortunately, access to the 'Phonics Play' website has some restrictions and can only be accessed at certain times of the day (please see their website for details). 


The website below is another site where you can access some games so that children can practise blending the sounds and identifying 'alien' and real words.






Rights Respecting Awards - Autumn 2 - Week 4


Tiger Moth Class:

James - for pride in achievement as he has been concentrating very well in class and persevered with his handwriting this week. 

Karuniya - for pride in achievement as she is always following instructions and is excellently behaved at all times. 


Dragonfly Class:

Tommy - for his perseverance with subtraction this week. 

Gabi V - for her resilience when she made mistakes in maths as she tried to use another method and then felt very proud.


Glow Worm Class:

Riaz- for building positive relationships with others by always looking after his friends when they are sad.

Frankie- for demonstrating perseverance in maths even though he found it tricky, he kept trying until he was able to do his whole sheet independently.


Butterfly Class:

Vladi - for perseverance in maths and working extremely hard to solve subtraction number sentences.

Omer - for resilience in maths by concentrating hard and listening carefully to help him understand the method we were learning when he found it tricky

Rosemary - for perseverance in maths by working hard even when she found the learning tricky.






Rights Respecting Awards - Autumn 2 - Week 3


Glow Worm Class

Bonnie- for demonstrating perseverance when completing independent tasks in Topic and Maths.

Maya- for pride in achievement in Topic where she wrote a fantastic story.


Butterfly Class

Joven - for pride in achievements by putting super effort into his planning and story writing this week! 

Esmae - for perseverance during early morning work when recapping how to bridge 10.


Dragonfly Class

Daisy - for her continued perseverance at school and at home with her maths.

Amelie - for her resilience in maths when she found it challenging this week.


Tiger Moth Class

Sienna - for perseverance during phonics and writing this week. 

Joey - for pride in achievement in Topic where he wrote a fantastic story.




Year 2 Phonics Screening



Dear Parent/Carer,

The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check would usually have taken place during the summer term of Year 1, however due to Covid 19 the check couldn’t take place. All children in Year 2 in England, will instead take this phonics-based check over the next few weeks and the results will be used to determine how well children are able to decode words. This check is important to us as it helps us to assess pupils’ progress accurately and allows us to fully identify any child who may need further help with decoding in Year 2.                                                                                                                                          

At Avenue Primary Academy, we allow the children every opportunity to gently prepare for this phonics check.  Children have been exposed to the format and have practised sounding out and blending in their daily phonics lessons.  As this is similar to what we already do, we will not be telling children that they are taking a ‘test’ as we do not want to unnecessarily worry them.  We ask that you are sensitive to this too. Please also find attached with this letter, a ‘sound mat’ to revise the sounds at home. Reading every day with your child will also help immensely. You also have access to activities on the Phonics Play website:

The sign in information for this site is below:

Username: march20

Password: home

The check will be a short process and will include 40 words, some of which are real and some are pseudo (alien).  The check will be an enjoyable experience and children will read the words to their teacher on a one-to-one basis.

Pseudo words are included to find out if children can decode unknown words.  They will be presented with a picture of an imaginary ‘alien’ creature, so that children know they are reading a made up word.  This has been part of our phonics lessons since reception so children understand how to approach these words.  They often enjoy looking at the pictures and find the idea of speaking an ‘alien’ language amusing.

If your child meets the required standard of the check, you will be informed and they will continue with phonics lessons as normal for the rest of Year 2.  If your child does not meet the required standard, you will be informed and they will be given extra phonics support throughout Year 2.  They will then re-take the Phonics Screening Check in June 2021. 


Yours faithfully,


Mrs Stock







Last week, we listened to an assembly about the Hindu festival of Diwali. During the assembly, we heard the story of Rama and Sita, which symbolises the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. We learnt how Hindus celebrate Diwali, for example, lighting diva lamps and candles in homes, firework displays and special gatherings with friends and family. Although this year celebrations will have been be different, we hope that our families celebrating Diwali enjoyed the festive season.


Please copy and paste the link below to view the assembly produced for Avenue, narrated by Nabhi.

Rights Respecting Awards - Autumn 2 - Week 2











Tiger Moth Class

Jay - for always persevering with his work and trying his best. 

Ellie - for being a fantastic role model. She follows instructions carefully and demonstrates impeccable behaviour. 


Dragonfly Class

Rayan - for perseverance in maths when adding two 2 digit numbers.

Levent - for resilience in maths this week. When he made a mistake he tried other ways to complete his work. 


Glow Worm Class

Kaia- for always being respectful towards others by respecting their right to be heard.

Triaan- for demonstrating pride in achievement by writing a great plan in Topic.


Butterfly Class

David - for self confidence in his amazing character description. 

Alfie - for perseverance for always taking initiative and working hard at everything he does. 




Dear Parents,


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, children will not be able to exchange Christmas cards in school this year. We understand that this is a disappointment but we know that you will support us in doing everything we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our Avenue families safe. 


Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated. 





Rights Respecting Awards - Autumn 2  - Week 1 


Tiger Moth Class

Laylah - for pride in achievement as she was a fantastic butterfly in our show!

Ayan - for pride in achievement as he has had a great week and was a great frog in our show!


Glow Worm Class

Hanna-for pride in achievement during our Autumn Show as she acted with great enthusiasm.

Katie- For showing perseverance in maths as she focused really well and completed the maths sheet independently.


Butterfly Class

Zara - for self confidence during her excellent role play in topic.

Emily - for self confidence by joining in with class discussions more and sharing her excellent ideas and knowledge.


Dragonfly Class

Harshada - for demonstrating mutual respect by always listening to other children and adults so well and being kind to everyone.

Konstantinos - for persevering during phonics lessons and trying hard all week.






This half term in our Health and Wellbeing lessons, the focus will continue to be Physical and Mental Wellbeing. During the half term, we will learn that we have mental health in the same way we have physical health. We will understand that we have a normal range of emotions and learn how to communicate these with others. We will think about how other people may show their emotions and how we can respond to them. Then we will think about different ways we can manage our feelings and the trusted adults we can go to for help. We will explore a range of strategies that we can use to deal with certain emotions and choose ones that suit our individual needs. 









Rights Respecting Awards- Week 8


Some children may receive their certificate after half term. 


Tiger Moth Class

Mayra and Mason B


Butterfly Class

Lavin and Elsie


Glow Worm Class

Savar and Lexi-Mai


Dragonfly Class

Ryuzgiar and Maitreyi


Head of Phase Award

All of Tiger Moth Class!

Our 'Growing Up' Show

We are hoping to record/film each class show after half term. Thank you for providing such amazing costumes! This week, we have been learning our lines and rehearsing in our costumes. We are hoping to post our class shows on the website by the end of the first week back. 

Thank you for your support, 

Year 2 Team 

Rights Respecting Awards - Week 7


Glow Worm Class​​​​​​

Chloe- or demonstrating resilience by managing her emotions effectively to get ready to learn.

Ahaana- for her fantastic plan this week in topic.


Dragonfly Class

Isla - for persevering in maths this week.

Zamin - for his resilience in maths this week. 


Butterfly Class

Emily - for completing an excellent plan for her writing. 

Joven - for showing enthusiasm in maths when answering questions during class discussions. 


Tiger Moth Class

Sophie - for having learnt all of our show songs so quickly. She knows all the words!

Adam - for always being excellently behaved. He is a fantastic role model to others. 


Year Group Leader Awards

Akshat - for always making the right choices and he is a great role model to others. 

Judy - for showing excellent behaviour choices and being a role model for others.

Jude - for showing enthusiasm in all areas of the curriculum and for always putting 100% effort into everything she does. 

Rights Respecting Awards - Week 6


Tiger Moths Class

Kyria - for her fantastic instruction writing this week. 

Akif - for his fantastic instruction writing this week. 


Butterfly Class

Zain - for making excellent behaviour choices and being a role model for the rest of the class. 

Zayna - by showing enthusiasm and for using her reasoning skills during guided reading. 


Glow Worm Class

Sanuck - for always respecting other children's right to be heard and for being a great role model.

Hiba - for her fantastic instructions for making a salad. 


Dragonfly Class

Gabby D - for persevering with reading at home. 

Francesco - for persevering with reading at home. 


Year Group Leader Awards:

Vladi - for planning a great set of instructions this week! 

Supporting your child with reading (Nursery-Year 2)

Rights Respecting Awards


Butterfly Class:

Lavin - for fantastic reasoning in maths.

Evie - for working hard in maths and completing the work even when she found it tricky. 

Freddie - for having a fantastic, enthusiastic attitude to reading. 


Tiger Moth Class:

Daniel - for his excellent salad making skills and for trying really hard in art this week.

Alexis - for being a fantastic role model for her peers. 


Dragonfly Class:

Peniel - for her perseverance with addition in maths this week.

Edward - for his perseverance with addition in maths this week.


Glow Worm Class: 

Hanin- for always respecting others and their right to be heard.

Stefanos - for building positive relationships by caring for his friends when they were upset.

Year 2 Autumn Show - 'Growing Up'

This year, we are still planning on performing our Autumn show called 'Growing Up'. Unfortunately, we won't be able to have a live audience, however we will be filming the show so that all parents and carers can see it. Each class will be doing their own version of our show and in a few weeks, we will put our videos of each show on the website. 

Your child will be allocated a part and will be given their costume information by Friday 2nd October. We have already started practising the songs and our lines!

Please let your child's class teacher know if you do not wish your child to be filmed and the video shared on the website. 


Thank you for your support, 

Year 2 Team 

Calling all gardeners!

Salad Making

As part of our topic, we have been learning about healthy eating. Next week, all of the Year 2 classes will be making healthy salads. We will be providing all of the ingredients and we will of course ensure all of the children follow our instructions for good hygiene. The children will be given their own plastic utensils to cut and mix the ingredients and they will only be tasting their own individual salad. 

We have on record all of the children's medical needs but please inform your child's class teacher if there are any further dietary/ allergy requirements that we may need to be made aware of. 

Thank you. 

Rights Respecting Awards


Tiger Moths






Glow Worms







Year Group Leader Awards

Enzo - Glow Worm Class

Gio - Dragonfly Class

Reading at Home

Making reading a natural part of family life is important. Please read with your child regularly and allow them to see you reading. You could also visit the local library and bookshops together.


Please make sure that you fill in your child’s green reading record book each time they read a school book. You may also make comments on library/home books.

              Health and Wellbeing             


This half term in our Health and Wellbeing lessons the focus is Physical and Mental Wellbeing. During the half term, we will learn that we have mental health in the same way we have physical health. We will understand that we have a normal range of emotions and learn how to communicate these with others. We will think about how other people may show their emotions and how we can respond to them. Then we will think about different ways we can manage our feelings and the trusted adults we can go to for help. Finally, we will learn about how to keep our bodies healthy through having an active, healthy lifestyle.

Dear Parents / Carers,


Once again thank you for your continued support as we navigate the constant changes that Covid-19 brings. We are and will continue to do our very best to keep our school community safe and well


From Monday 28th September all adults will be asked to wear face coverings when entering the school grounds. If you are exempt from this, please do speak to a member of staff on the gate. 


When on school premises please ensure that you are maintaining social distancing measures.  


We request that only 1 adult per family enters the school grounds when dropping off and collecting your child/ren. 


Thank you. 

Bike Sheds Dorset Road Gate


There are a number of scooters in the bike shed at the Dorset Road gate that have been left there since the summer term. Please collect your scooters when you pick up your children on Friday as any remaining scooters will be thrown away on Friday after school, to provide more space.


Thank you.


Mrs Brooke

Year 2 Awards


Well done to the following pupils who received class teacher awards last week:


Tiger Moth Class - Grace and Izhaan

Dragonfly Class - KJ and Jayden 

Glow Worm Class - Anaia and Mahir

Butterfly Class - Jude and Dennis

Trust guidance for Covid-19 related pupil absence

Safeguarding Information

Still image for this video

Welcome to Butterfly Class

Welcome to Glow Worm Class

Welcome to Dragonfly Class

Welcome to Tiger Moth Class

Year 2 Parent Forum Presentation

Following the government's new campaign to prevent the spread of coronavirus "Hands, Face, Space" we are encouraging Parents and Carers to wear a face covering at drop off and pick-up. Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

School fund

Although we are unable to go on school trips in the Autumn term, your child will be taking part in a number of enrichment activities in class and therefore the school fund is still needed and greatly appreciated.

The contribution is a one off payment of £20. If this is too much please make a smaller contribution. This includes pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer.

Please make your contribution using:
ParentPay under the item ‘Voluntary Contribution 2020-21’.
Cheque (payable to Avenue Primary Academy)
Cash in a clearly marked envelope (to be given to a member of staff on the gate or directly to the office – who will give you a receipt.)
Your contribution is entirely voluntary, but you will understand the difference that it makes.

Thank you for your continued support.

Parents, carers and visitors are kindly asked to wear a face covering whenever they enter the school building. Thank you for your continued support.


Welcome Back!                     7th September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


We would like to welcome you back to school and hope you have had a lovely summer break. Thank you so much for your continued support during the last few months.


We are very excited about our year ahead in Year 2 and look forward to working together with you to ensure the children are safe, happy and can make good progress with their learning. The children will be assessed on their return to school in reading, writing and mathematics and we have planned a recovery curriculum ensuring missed key concepts will be covered over the course of Year 2.


Establishing routines

The start of a new school year enables us to set the tone for learning and behaviour in the school. It is an important time for teachers and children to establish classroom routines, to set expectations and get to know each other. On the school website, you will find detailed information about school arrangements as these have been adapted following government guidance for Covid 19.


The government has launched the #backtoschoolsafely campaign to reassure parents and students that schools and colleges are ready for their return in September. This is part of the Government’s wider Stay Alert campaign. Parents are encouraged to visit for information and practical guidance to help them plan for their children’s return to school.



This half term our topic is called ‘Growing Up’. We will begin by looking at animals and their young, including the human life cycle. Alongside this, we learn about a living thing’s survival needs (air, food, shelter and sleep) as well as the food groups and how they create a healthy, balanced diet. We will write a non-chronological report about this, with a focus on specific nouns (e.g. carbohydrates, energy and protein) and adjectives (e.g. crunchy carrots, strong teeth) to inform the reader about the topic. We will then use our knowledge of food for a DT project, where we design and make a salad that supports a healthy lifestyle. Once we have made these, we will write instructions to help us remember how to make them. Our grammar focus for this is writing commands by using imperative verbs (e.g. put, do, roll). Next, we learn about the frog and butterfly life cycles. During this, we will read a text called ‘The Tadpole’s Promise’ which will inspire us to write our own stories. Our grammar focus for story writing will be descriptive expanded noun phrases (e.g. the beautiful, colourful butterfly or the beautiful butterfly with spotty wings). Finally, the topic will end with an art day, where we look at the fruit-based work of Tracy Hall, experiment with her style and then create our own art.



Throughout the term, we will focus on number. We will begin by counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s and we will think about 2 digit numbers by reading, writing and representing them with different resources (e.g. dienes and counters). We will consider the place value of each digit in a 2 digit number through partitioning the number into tens and ones (e.g. 76 is the same as 7 tens and 6 ones) and in different ways (e.g. 76 = 60 + 16). We will then use the greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to/the same as (=) symbols to compare numbers. After this, we will move on to addition and subtraction, including developing secure mental methods. This will include revision of number bonds to ten or twenty. We will also learn written methods to add and subtract two two-digit numbers, for example (34 + 67), using the column method. Finally, we introduce multiplication and division by doubling and halving. We will learn this all through the mastery approach, using manipulatives (e.g. dienes and bead strings) to experience the learning practically and deepen understanding of concepts.



Children will need their clearly named PE kits in school every day. This must include navy shorts and an Avenue logo PE shirt and black plimsoles/trainers. It is advisable to also provide your child with plain navy tracksuit bottoms and a navy jumper for colder weather. Children will be expected to remove their earrings for PE or have these covered with tape.


School Uniform

A number of girls are wearing navy dresses and pinafores to school. Please note that this is not part of the school uniform policy. When the time comes to replace these items, please ensure they are replaced with a navy skirt or tailored navy or grey trousers, as stated on the uniform guidelines on the Avenue school website.


School fund

This year, your child will be taking part in a number of exciting enrichment activities. In order for us to be able to offer these opportunities, we are asking that all parents contribute to school fund. 

The contribution is a one-off payment of £20. If you are unable to make the full contribution, please make a smaller contribution. This includes pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer.

Please make your contribution using one of the following:

  • ParentPay under the item ‘Voluntary Contribution 2020-21’
  • Cheque (payable to Avenue Primary Academy)
  • Cash in a clearly marked envelope (to be given to a member of staff on the gate or directly to the office – who will give you a receipt.)

Your contribution is entirely voluntary, but you will understand the difference that it makes.



We communicate with parents in a variety of ways. These include:

  • weekly updates to inform you on what your child has been learning, and what is coming up. You can find information on the school website
  • parent forums – the parent forums in the autumn term will be in the form of a presentation which will be uploaded onto the Year 1 page on the school website
  • autumn and spring parents’ consultation meetings where we can discuss your child’s progress. More information to follow regarding the autumn consultation meeting.
  • specific times where you will be invited to visit your child’s classroom to see some of the work they have been completing in school. This may differ in the autumn term and you will receive information about ‘virtual visits’.


If you feel you need to contact your child’s class teacher at other points in the year, this can be done by writing a note in the reading record book, emailing the school office ( or telephoning the school office (020 8642 5138) who will pass on your message. Alternatively, messages can be given to members of staff at the gates in the morning and afternoon. If you need further assistance please contact Mrs Stock, the Year Group Leader, or Mrs Brooke, Head of Year 1 and Year 2.


Please remember to maintain social distancing during drop off and pick up times, and please leave the premises as quickly as possible. We would like to thank you for your continued support, which has enabled staff and pupils to have a safe and happy start to the term.


Yours faithfully,


  Mrs Stock                  Mrs Streeter        Miss Webb         Miss Derrick             Mrs Baranowicz         

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Hello Butterfly class!

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Welcome new Glow Worms!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Hello Dragonfly Class!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Hello New Tiger Moths!

Mrs Stock and Mrs Streeter

Welcome to Year 2!


We are all really looking forward to seeing the children on Thursday 3rd September.

Morning drop-off: Please drop off your child at the entrance to the Astro Turf area via the Dorset Road gate. The gates will be open at 8:10am – 8:50am. The children will then make their way to their new classrooms; a member of staff will be available to direct pupils if necessary.

If you also have a child in Nursery, Reception or Year 1, please drop your children off via the Dorset Road gate and follow the guidance on your younger child’s pick-up times and locations. Please note, only children with siblings in Nursery to Year 2 should use the Dorset Road gate.

If your child is feeling nervous about returning to school following the lockdown period last term, please look at the social story with them (emailed in July) and reassure them. If you need support, then please email the school office and we will arrange to speak to you.

The reopening guidance and social story can be found on the website under the Key information tab - Covid-19 folder.

The government has confirmed that the school fruit and vegetable scheme, which was paused during the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak, will resume as normal in the autumn term when pupils return to school. This scheme provides daily fresh produce for pupils in KS1 and helps every child have a healthy, happy start to life.


Please remember that children must be in correct school uniform which is labelled (see our school website for full details of the uniform policy).

Could you also ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school from the start of term and that each item is name labelled. The children will require their P.E. kit during the first week of school and this should include trainers for outdoor use. Smart watches are not permitted in school, due to safeguarding reasons.

We look forward to working with you and your child.


Mrs. B. Brooke

Head of Years 1 and 2
Assistant Head Teacher 

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