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Home Learning

In Health and Wellbeing this half term, we learned lots of new things about relationships.

Knowledge we have gained:

  • what makes a good friend 
  • families are unique 
  • how our family should treat us 
  • how online relationships needed to be treated 
  • how we should behave online

Skills we have learnt and used:

  • how to report 
  • how to identify trusted adults
  • how to ask respectful questions 
  • how to identify feelings


"Sometimes if a friend doesn't make you feel good lots of times, then they aren't your friend"

"That's lucky that some grown ups can look after children that don't have a family"

"If someone is unkind online you can turn the screen off so you can't  see it and your mum will know what to do" 

"If wouldn't say that thing in real life then you shouldn't say it online either"

Health and Wellbeing in Autumn 1


This half term our Health and Wellbeing focus is relationships. This is part of the social strand of Health and Wellbeing.  


We will be learning about: 

  • healthy friendships
  • developing trust 
  • online relationships
  • relationships within our families


We will be teaching the following skills: 

  • identifying characteristics through behaviour 
  • recognising loneliness
  • reporting inappropriate online behaviour 

French Learning in Autumn 1


This half – term in French, children will revise classroom instructions. They will learn the names of classroom objects and they will extend their learning with numbers to 70.

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Nurturing individuals, building futures

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