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A wonderful final week in Year 4! We are incredibly proud of the children and how they have settled back into school life. They have shown kindness, great resilience and excellent behaviour, to name a few of the amazing qualities we have seen. It's always hard to choose but once again teachers have selected a few children for awards. Congratulations!


4A- tbc

4H - Sellasie and Zach

4M- Inesh and Adriana

4R - Safa, Carys, Montel, Seth and Avsin

4S - James, Brandon, Ava and Alex


A few children earnt a YGL award this week, so another special congratulations to:  


Coco (4S), Eva (4M) and James M (4H)

Please may children bring in a bag for life/ sturdy plastic bag tomorrow (22nd). They will be sent home with their work from Year 3 at the end of the day. 


Thank you!

Year 4 Team


Another amazing week from the Year 4 children. The teachers are so proud of the choices they are making and the effort they are putting into their work, even after 7 weeks of being back at school! Each class has picked a couple of children who have shown extra-special efforts and they are listed below. Congratulations!


4A - Jack and Judy

4H - Ella and Laicey

4M - Adya and Aaryn

4R - Fiona and Rohab

4S -  Ohenenana and Rachel


Keep up the hard work everyone! 


We've had a wonderful week in Year 4. The children have been working so hard in lessons, making fabulous behaviour choices and just generally amazing teachers with how quickly they've adapted to being back at school! Although we are super proud of everyone, teachers have selected a few children for awards this week. Congratulations! 


4A - Zaffie, Rayhan and Isabella L

4H -James and Emilia 

4M - Liana and Adam 

4R- Aidan C and Samairah 

4S - Charlie B and Avi



Another brilliant week in Year 4! The Year 4 teacher's have picked a couple of children from their class who have worked particularly hard. A massive congratulations to the following the children: 


4A - Lucy and Ethan S


4H - Marco and Yash


4M - Imani and William


4R - Eli and Selim


4S - Coco and Evie D


Keep up the hard work everyone!

Calling all gardeners!

Rights Respecting

We've had a fantastic start to the year in Year 4. The teacher's have picked a few children from their class who has particularly shone during the week. A huge congratulations to the following the children: 


4A - Isabella, Sienna and Pennie


4H - George and Millie


4M - Aeshan and Rishith


4R - Poppy, Evie and Vihaan


4S - Masa and Malaika


I'm also incredibly excited to announce that I have handed out my first Year Group Award this week! A special congratulations to...


... Dion (4M)


Keep up the hard work everyone!

Dear Parents / Carers,


Once again thank you for your continued support as we navigate the constant changes that Covid-19 brings. We are and will continue to do our very best to keep our school community safe and well


From Monday 28th September all adults will be asked to wear face coverings when entering the school grounds. If you are exempt from this, please do speak to a member of staff on the gate. 


When on school premises please ensure that you are maintaining social distancing measures.  


We request that only 1 adult per family enters the school grounds when dropping off and collecting your child/ren. 


Thank you. 

Trust guidance for Covid-19 related pupil absence

Safeguarding Information

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Year 4 Parent Forum

Welcome to 4R!

Welcome to 4M!

Welcome to 4S!

Welcome to 4H!

Welcome to 4A!

Following the government's new campaign to prevent the spread of coronavirus "Hands, Face, Space" we are encouraging Parents and Carers to wear a face covering at drop off and pick-up. Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

School fund

Although we are unable to go on school trips in the Autumn term, your child will be taking part in a number of enrichment activities in class and therefore the school fund is still needed and greatly appreciated.

The contribution is a one off payment of £20. If this is too much please make a smaller contribution. This includes pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer.

Please make your contribution using:
ParentPay under the item ‘Voluntary Contribution 2020-21’.
Cheque (payable to Avenue Primary Academy)
Cash in a clearly marked envelope (to be given to a member of staff on the gate or directly to the office – who will give you a receipt.)
Your contribution is entirely voluntary, but you will understand the difference that it makes.

Thank you for your continued support.

Parents, carers and visitors are kindly asked to wear a face covering whenever they enter the school building. Thank you for your continued support.

Welcome Back!            

Dear Parents/Carers,


We would like to welcome you back to school and hope you have had a lovely summer break. Thank you so much for your continued support during the last few months. We are very excited about our year ahead in Year 4 and look forward to working together with you to ensure the children are safe, happy and can make good progress with their learning. The children will be assessed on their return to school in reading, writing and mathematics and we have planned a recovery curriculum ensuring missed key concepts will be covered over the course of Year 4.


Establishing routines

The start of a new school year enables us to set the tone for learning and behaviour in the school. It is an important time for teachers and children to establish classroom routines, to set expectations and get to know each other. On the school website, you will find detailed information about school arrangements as these have been adapted following government guidance for Covid 19.


The government has launched the #backtoschoolsafely campaign to reassure parents and students that schools and colleges are ready for their return in September. This is part of the Government’s wider Stay Alert campaign. Parents are encouraged to visit for information and practical guidance to help them plan for their children’s return to school.



This half term our topic is called ‘Thunderous Rainforests’. We will look at the location of rainforests before focusing mainly on the Amazon. We study the structure of the rainforests focusing on the four main layers. Then we learn how to classify plants and animals and discuss the impact that deforestation has on the environment. We will briefly research the Amazon River in relation to the importance it holds for the indigenous people. We will also create Amazon Art. English will be embedded throughout our topic and our purpose for writing this half term is persuasion. The children will have the opportunity to write a story and two persuasive texts (a letter and a leaflet).  



In Autumn 1, we will be focusing mainly on number and place value. We will begin by carefully considering the value of the different digits of numbers over 1000 and give opportunities for the children to explore and investigate, whilst representing the numbers in a variety of ways also using manipulatives. This will develop and secure the children’s understanding of place value before applying this knowledge to understanding decimals. Then we will practise counting through zero using negative numbers (e.g. -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3) and recognising roman numerals (e.g. IV is 4). After the number work, we will practise mental methods for addition and subtraction, in particular, round and adjust (45 + 9 = 45 +10 -1). There will be many opportunities for investigations and mastery challenges in mathematics this half term. 



Children will need their clearly named PE kits in school every day. This must include navy shorts, an Avenue logo PE shirt, black plimsoles and trainers. It is advisable to also provide your child with plain navy tracksuit bottoms and a navy jumper for colder weather. Children will be expected to remove their earrings for PE or have these covered with tape.




Year 4 will be swimming on a Wednesday.

Children must bring in their swimming kit on this day. This must include a 1-piece swimming costume for girls or swimming trunks for boys, a swimming hat, towel, pool shoes and optional goggles. Children will not be allowed to swim with earrings in. If children cannot remove these themselves, you will need to remove them at home.


School Uniform

A number of girls are wearing navy dresses and pinafores to school. Please note that this is not part of the school uniform policy. When the time comes to replace these items, please ensure they are replaced with a navy skirt or tailored navy or grey trousers, as stated on the uniform guidelines on the Avenue school website.


School fund

This year, your child will be taking part in a number of exciting enrichment activities. In order for us to be able to offer these opportunities, we are asking that all parents contribute to school fund. 

The contribution is a one off payment of £20. If this is too much please make a smaller contribution. This includes pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. If every parent contributes something, it will make such a difference to what we can offer.

Please make your contribution using:

ParentPay under the item ‘Voluntary Contribution 2020-21’. 

Cheque (payable to Avenue Primary Academy)

Cash in a clearly marked envelope (to be given to a member of staff on the gate or directly to the office – who will give you a receipt.)

Your contribution is entirely voluntary, but you will understand the difference that it makes.



We communicate with parents in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Weekly updates to inform you on what your child has been learning, and what is coming up. You can find information on the school website.
  • Parent forums – the parent forums in the autumn term will be in the form of a presentation which will be uploaded onto the Year 1 page on the school website
  • Autumn and Spring parents’ consultation meetings where we can discuss your child’s progress. More information to follow regarding the autumn consultation meeting.
  • Specific times where you will be invited to visit your child’s classroom to see some of the work they have been completing in school. This may differ in the autumn term and you will receive information about ‘virtual visits’.


If you feel you need to contact your child’s class teacher at other points in the year, this can be done by writing a note in the home school liaison book, emailing the school office ( or telephoning the school office (020 8642 5138) who will pass on your message. Alternatively, messages can be given to members of staff at the gates in the morning and afternoon. If you need further assistance please contact Miss Rubey, the Year Group Leader, or Mrs Cook, Head of Year 3 and Year 4.


Please remember to maintain social distancing at drop off and pick up times, and to leave the premises as quickly as possible. We would like to thank you for your continued support, which has enabled staff and pupils to have a safe and happy start to the term.



 Yours faithfully,


     Miss Rubey             Mr Akinloye             Miss Harvey             Mrs Marsh             Miss Sillet          

            4R                            4A                           4H                         4M                          4S                

Year Group Leader    

Welcome from teachers - 4R

4S - Miss Sillett




Welcome to Year 4!

We are all really looking forward to seeing the children on Thursday 3rd September.

Morning drop-off: Please drop off your child at the Avenue Road gate. The gates will be open at 8:10am – 8:55am. The children will then make their way to the Jubilee playground where they will proceed to their new classrooms.

If you also have a child in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, please drop your children off via the Dorset Road gate and follow the guidance on your younger child’s pick-up times and locations. Please note, only children with siblings in Nursery to Year 2 should use the Dorset Road gate.

If your child is feeling nervous about returning to school following the lockdown period last term, please look at the social story with them (emailed in July) and reassure them. If you need support, then please email the school office and we will arrange to speak to you.

The reopening guidance and social story can be found on the website under the Key information tab - Covid-19 folder.


Please remember that children must be in correct school uniform which is labelled (see our school website for full details of the uniform policy).

Could you also ensure that your child’s P.E kit is in school from the start of term and that each item is name labelled.  The children will require their P.E. kit during the first week of school and this should include trainers for outdoor use. Smart watches are not permitted in school, due to safeguarding reasons.

The children will also require a labelled swimming kit as they will begin swimming the week beginning 7th September. All Year 4 pupils will be swimming on a Wednesday. 

We look forward to working with you and your child.


Mrs. A. Cook

Head of Year 3 and 4
Assistant Head Teacher     

Avenue Primary Academy

Nurturing individuals, building futures

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