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Blended Learning

Oxford Owl for Home


At Avenue, we always promote the importance of children learning to read well and developing a love of reading. By reading a range of books and genres regularly at home, you can help your child to develop confidence and enjoyment in reading. Reading is a key life skill and develops vocabulary which in turn will improve your child's writing and communication skills.


We are very pleased to launch our new subscription to ‘Oxford Owl for Home’. ‘Oxford Owl for Home’ provides access to a collection of tablet-friendly eBooks and helpful tips and activities for parents to support children’s learning at home.


To access the eBooks, visit the Oxford Owl website


All of the reading scheme books we use at school will be available through the Oxford Owl eBook Library, which should make it easier to select an appropriate book. This website will provide extra opportunities for reading at home and support your child to improve their reading skills.

To support your child with online learning during school closure, you can use the links below to access the BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy learning platforms.

Blended Learning

Below are the blended learning activities we would like your child to complete if they are absent from school due to self-isolation. We have provided 10 days of learning activities for reading, maths, writing and foundation subjects. Please ensure that your child continues to read their book daily. 

Blended Learning Autumn 2 Set 2

Dear all,

As a result of some feedback from parents, from today, at 5pm, we will be posting all of the assignments for tomorrow for the children to complete. We will then continue posting the night before for the next day's learning and we hope this will help you to support your child at home. Please ensure your children understand that they do not need to complete the work at this time. I will post the suggested timetable again. We completely understand home learning is not easy and want to do what we can to help. 


Thank you, 

The Year 5 Team 


Good morning Year 5, 

We hope you’re ready for another day of online learning. Please note the work we are putting on Teams daily is different to the blended learning you can see on the Year 5 page here. The blended learning was meant for individual children isolating. The work on Teams is what you should be completing with a whole bubble closure. Please also remember with the work on Teams, think about how much you would usually get through in school. There is plenty being put up but you do not need to complete greater depth in maths, for example, if you do not usually in school. Having a go is great, but the day is only so long. Also do not worry about a late turn in, we will still be happy to see it but it just means we may not view your work until the following day. 

Mr Burke has created another video to help you with some parts of Teams that some of you found difficult yesterday. Please view this on Teams. 

From today, the teachers will be online to answer any questions you may have on MS Teams between 9am-10am and again at 1pm-2pm. In between these times, you will be muted but will still be able to access the assignments. Some of the assignments will be posted later in the day today, as yesterday we had a quite a few children rushing through the tasks so please try to follow the suggested timetable. 

The Year 5 teachers will begin to make phone calls today to each of you to see how you’re getting on.

This is a new challenge for all of us, so a huge well done to everyone so far with how they’ve approached the online learning. 

The Year 5 Team

Instructions for accessing the online learning:

1. Please begin by going to the Avenue Primary Academy homepage 

2. Scroll down and click on student log in

3. Choose whether to click on 'Get the Windows App' or 'Use the Web App Instead' (Use the web app is recommended).

4. From there, use your child's log in details which were emailed out on the parents' evening forms last half term. 

5. Your child is then part of a team for their class and they should be able to see all the work being posted there. 


The children have had a practice lesson and we will keep an eye on any children not viewing the work and call home to see if we can support in any way. 


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Morgan 

Good morning Year 5,

Work has begun to be posted on your class page on MS Teams. Please check there daily from 8:30am for the work you should complete while the Year 5 bubble is closed. Videos will also be shared to help you. There is the option to reply to any of the work posted if you have any questions for your teacher between 9am and 3pm - but please check that your question hasn’t already been answered. 

Your teacher will be phoning you later this week to see how you’re getting on.

We look forward to seeing your work begin to be submitted on MS Teams.


Stay safe,

Miss Morgan, Mr Burke, Miss Mayley, Miss Fernandez, Mr Baldock and Mrs Genco 

Bubble Closure for Year 5 - 24.11.20 - 1.12.20


Thank you all for your co-operation this morning with Year 5's bubble closure. Below you will find a suggested timetable for the online learning that will be expected to be completed at home until the 2nd December. 

Today, a video will be posted on each classes' page on MS Teams to remind you of how to use Teams and the rules we expect you to follow. 

Just a reminder that MS Teams can be accessed through the Avenue Primary Academy homepage then student log in. Log ins for teams can be found on the parents' evening comment letters which were sent out last half term. These log ins have been used in school already during the practice lesson and are ready to go.


Stay safe and keep smiling,

Miss Morgan, Mr Burke, Miss Fernandez, Miss Mayley, Mr Baldock and Mrs Genco. 



Useful Websites to use during Bubble Closure

Blended Learning

Below are the blended learning activities we would like your child to complete if they are absent from school due to self-isolation. We have provided 10 days of learning activities for reading, maths and topic. Please ensure that your child continues to read their book daily. 

Blended Learning Autumn 2 Set 1

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